Business Consulting

Business consulting can entail a wide variety of services and knowledge. Lisa’s services will help you hit the ground running.

The first step in forming your business is to determine how to set it up. This could be as simple as running your business in your own name with or without a DBA (doing business as) or as complex as developing a C-Corporation structure. Your business entity choice and structure can offer legal protections as well as determine how your business is taxed. For those reasons, Lisa works with a reputable local attorney that will form your business start-up if it is more complex than a DBA with an EIN (employer identification number). 

Next, Lisa makes it her business to really get to know your business. For instance:

  • What is your management style and strategy?
    • Need advice on tightening or loosening control?
  • How are you running your operations?
    • It’s all about efficiency! 
  • What are you doing for IT?
    • Networks, apps, a laptop (gaming laptops are for way more than gaming).
  • What about talent investment? 
    • Types of employees to hire, benefits packages, and more.
    • Insurance (worker’s comp, liability, etc.).
  • What about advertising and marketing? 
    • Mobile SEO (search engine optimization)! 

There is a lot to consider when starting a business, and most people have a lot of questions. Lisa has a lot of answers! And if she doesn’t know the answer, chances are she knows someone who does. 

Lisa gets things done! A friend of Lisa’s who had questions about purchasing a house once said “that’s why we have Lisa. Lisa knows a lot of stuff! If we don’t know the answer, we call her. If for some reason she doesn’t know, she knows a professional that does know!

Lisa is delighted to share her years of knowledge with her clients!