Bookkeeping and Payroll


Quality bookkeeping is probably one of the most complex aspects of your business. Many people find the bookkeeping tasks to be the most difficult and hated tasks of running a business. You are in luck! Bookkeeping is Lisa’s favorite task! She loves the look of nice tidy numbers with debits on the left and credits on the right. 

Lisa is not afraid of:

  • Boxes of receipts
  • Unorganized Excel files
  • Copies of QuickBooks accounts
  • An inventory mess in Sage Accounting
  • Links to your FreshBooks
  • An account called “ask my accountant”
  • Explaining the difference between an equity and expense account, and then making the journal entry to correct it.


Payroll is an extremely time consuming, critical task that needs to be done to cover your most valuable assets: employees and contractors

Lisa specializes in:

  • Initial payroll setup 
    • IRS: setting up FIT and FICA withholding
    • State: setting up both SIT, UIA, and LIT if necessary
    • Providing you with W4 and W9 forms
    • Providing Labor Law Posters
  • Ongoing payroll
    • Direct deposit
    • Issuing checks
    • Providing journal entries
  • Year-end tasks
    • Issuing W2’s and 1099's
    • E-filing all related year-end reporting to all agencies